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Initially an importer of ethnic foods- and articles predominantly for the German-speaking market, we have fruitfully increased our operational level and diversified our activities into being:

  • Importing
  • Marketing & Company Association
  • Affiliated Production
  • Bespoke Servicing & Consultancy

With our suppliers being accredited in both conventional and organics.

We distinguish between products held in-stock as well as produce sourced-on demand.

We operates within the following product categories:

  • Fresh
  • Processed
  • Produced
  • Organics

Our brands underline ‘the quality produce linked with fresh excellence’ ethos.

  • Assorted

Through our vast portfolio of contacts and produce, we receive requests to source / to market a variety of assorted food and non-food items too.

We build on our operating office situated in Germany and a hub in the Netherlands ultimately being advantageous for both air and sea freight shipments as well as production. It facilitates an effective co-ordination of supply-chain and with well established and reliable logistic partners, we are enabled to perform outstandingly.

Similarly our objectives are to serve the client and meet or exceed their expectations providing ‘safe’ products of premium quality by carrying out stringent pre-shipment inspection of products to assure quality, quantity and packaging whilst remaining competitively priced.

The river Rhine possess a symbolic significance: not only is it one of Europe’s longest rivers but it also carries more freight like no other waterway in the world.

As the Rhine runs through six major European countries which represent our operational activity in the European market as well as its name ‘Rhine’ deriving from Indo-Germanic origin, consisting of ‘ritih’ (the stream) or ‘rinnah’ (flowing), an understandable association can be drawn to what ‘RhineLink’ does.

RhineLink, with its team from a varied background yet based in Europe, can create a flow/connection between the exotic component and the European element in various ways, enabling a Link for strong growth.